เกม apk mod

เกม apk mod

hahahahaha! hello guys! i'm uncle phi meet me again, and we're in garry's mod 'hilarious racing!' let's introduce our players today, here's olaf! what car do you gonna build today? i'll make a car that doesn't melt me while i'm driving it! pedorbear, what kind of vehicle that you gonna build today? a bamboo...a bamboo style! alright, kuma what kind of vehicle that you gonna build today? no wheels... no wheels!?

this guy...i will make a explosive barrel into my car explosive...alright, if i don't hear it clearly i will punish you guys hello little one what's you gonna build today? ...i will make a marvelous one...(man voices) what's it!? again! marvelous~ next to gabumon, what's your...get out! what's your idea? bumper car...oh i see..

which one of you who can pass on that...see that...what are you doing! which one of you can pass that circle of death will be won on this stage! i'll give you one minute to build your vehicle! 5...4...3...2...1 start! my vehicle is very safe for the planet and earth ,friendly to all trees done, oh! take it easy olaf! take it easy!...your car very awesome and unique! spin me right round baby right round~

why...your car back away...next challenger is kuma! he finished his car why he crushed the viewer! are you okay!? are alright down there!?...(i'm fine here thanks!) i'm gonna pull you out just hang on okay? thanks! (speaking japanese) help me!

my car is shaking! wait wait wait! did you attach another equipment into your car? oh you added nitro.. wait...wait.. a floating tube that you added it kills me! stop this monster! build a new one though

alright, go to the rally point for begin speed boat prepare for the start! ready, all challengers are here four of them which is kuma , pedorbear , miku , lung phi billy may our goal is complete that circle of death which means we have to pass through it 3...2...1 go! one down! this challenge very risky! i will not losing it away! he's following me though! he dashing front of me!

i'll not losing it! turning left! hand brake! awwww doesn't quite good! starting to turn...miku! she's on the lead! i'll pass on that circle of death bridge! ready to dash! i'll dash! here we go! can i pass on this!? nooooooooooooo!

there's one who passed on that! is kuma! the speed boat! alright, pedorbear! we're two now let's fight! 1...2...3! aeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! awesommmmeeeee!... there are challengers left to competition on the 1st stage alright, prepare for the signal to make them ready! ready! hey! it doesn't start yet!

hahahah! these guys won't win in this round! hahahah! go! they're going now!, down on the bridge the 1st one is mr.foster! mr.foster on the lead, by the way pedorbear what are you doing!? here's... alright, he passed the stop point and he driving through the circle of death!... can he pass?! can he!? what's happening at this!?

sey! what are you doing with pedorbear! this guy deserve to die! bring the dog slaughter quick! quickly! hang on hang on different series though,sey! this is a 2nd competition , and the challenger kuma , lung phi , miku! our goal is dash on that curve and smash to the back wall to win this round hey hey! you forget a 4th player though! who's that?, you want to race this battle? your body drag upon the street! 3...2...1...go! miku is the 1st one leading but he smashed to the prop!

back away! miku! can't pass! no one can't pass on that thing! alright, here's my car! this time...i'm a builder! i'm gonna win! this is rematch round for that little buggy curve prepare for the start judge! 3...2...1! here we go...

awesome! no! i'm hit! smashing! he trying to hit me with his boat! no! i have to win in this map! use the turbo! there's no way! no way! did he pass on that!? he didn't smash on that wall...

only i left on this stage! she trying to drift?! parking the car reverse! miku is the winner of this 2nd stage! akuma he can't get on the bridge...sticking with that pedorbear is a mess... next is a final round for the rest of challenger who didn't race on 2nd stage the challenger is olaf,mr.foster also...ar...ga...babu,...gabo gabo..gabugamon..? it's gabumon!

prepare for the start! sorry! why it's swing like that? (*swing*) sorry for the... parking on the rally point for the start! very cute gabumon! gabu why you registered to race on this competition? my kids...behind my back

ohhhhhhh alright, the final race! ready...3...2...1...go! get going now....they are going gabumon is the lead! drag with all dolls! gabumon stuck!? can he pass!? his engine was destroyed by an explosive barrel done... only mr.foster left on this stage..can he pass...!?

he says that he can pass on this easy stage that i built! he absolutely pass! did he!? mr.foster..gone with the wind... previously it doesn't mr.foster it kuma...here's the true foster! time's up! this round doesn't have a winner 1st winner is kuma which is the highest scores ! where's he? where's he!?

2nd winner is miku! 3rd! is gabumon! alright, slogan please speak as i say... don't forget.. (don't forget) make benefit.. (make benefit...) why this guy doesn't speak! don't forget...

make benefit... from games!... alright, guys i have to end this episode! very fun today also as i said...three of them said... don't forget to make benefit from games!

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