โหลด เกม แฮกเกอร์

โหลด เกม แฮกเกอร์

[music playing] your freedoms can only beprotected if democracy thrives. the corporateinterests are rigging the elections-- your elections. your favorite socialmedia giant, invite, knows everythingabout you, and they're manipulating your feedto tailor your opinions to their interests. they are fooling you into votingfor their puppet, congressman

mark thruss. invite-- we have the singlemost powerful population control tool ever created. defend democracy. help us tear down invite. lend us your processingpower by downloading our app, and together we willexpose congressman thruss. join us, we are dedsec dominic (voiceover):hello everyone, i'm

dominic guay, the seniorproducer on watch_dogs 2, and today i will guide youthrough this vertical slice of the game. watch_dogs 2 is setin the san francisco bay, a beautiful area,a cultural beacon, and the birthplace ofthe tech revolution. from oakland to marincounty, from the golden gate to silicon valley,your adventure will take you allacross of the bay area.

you are part of dedsec,a hacker group rebelling against an establishmentthat uses technology to take away people's freedom. you play as marcus holloway,a brilliant hacker fighting to take back control fromthis corrupted establishment. this demo is notscripted, and you are free to do as youplease in our open world. using marcus's skills,you can hack into anyone within the city and to mostelectronic devices or any car's

computer system. any of these can bemanipulated in multiple ways as you progress in the gameand extend marcus's abilities. in this case, marcushacks into this car and controls itssteering remotely. [tires squealing] you can also hack entire areasof the city to powerful effect. here we distractall these people by sending messagesto their phones.

as you explore thebay area you can cross paths withother players, never leaving the comfort of yoursingle player experience. as you seamlessly encounterother friendly dedsec members, you can communicate withthem, and with a single press of a button, jointhem as a co-op team. but for now, let'scontinue in solo. [buzzing] hey.

sitara: our numbers aren'tgoing through the roof, but we just promised to blow thelid open on invite and election fraud. and we'll deliver. have faith, sister. wrench: sure, if wecan find evidence that invite's manipulatingsocial media to help them. wrench, where you at, man? wrench: scouting congressmandipshit's apartment

from the roof next door. aww, haw, we fuckedup his fundraiser. almost everyone's gone. come on, get over here. ok, people this isstrictly by the book. don't paint outside thelines and stay frosty. sitara: fuck you. just get in there and find somerusty nails to crucify thruss to the social media cross.

on my way. dominic (voiceover):the game has multiple operationsthe player can discover and decide to pursue. in the interest oftime, let's join marcus as he meets up with anotherdedsec hacker, wrench. they are about to infiltrate thepolitican's penthouse in order to acquire evidenceof his plan to rig the elections with the helpof a social media giant.

yo, wrench. captain dipshitlives over there. yo, check it out. you can see thewhole city from here. whole lot of peopleout there, man. whole lot of people. yeah, getting screwed. you don't even feel it. just numb.

it's fucked up. i know it's going to be a hellof a fight turning them back into people. fucking a, man. ok, dude, you findthe evidence and i'll mind our exit strategy. [chopper spinning] marcus: hey, is thatthe congressman? wrench: uh, nope.

i do believe thatis a helicopter. [chuckles] fuck you. sitara: marcus, the buildingjust went off the grid. we can't get in or see inside. they're up to something. i'll see what. dominic (voiceover):the player is free to approach the mission inany way he wishes-- as a ghost,

as an aggressor, or asa trickster who focuses on manipulation and hacking. here we're using our new quadcopter to scout the premises. the drone can also be upgradedwith new functionalities. marcus: they gotarmed help in there. something's definitely up. dominic (voiceover): herewe use network hacking to quickly access a securitycamera within the apartment. marcus: [inaudible].

they're scrubbing the evidence. sitara: get us access, marcus,before it all gets wiped. marcus: i'll get youinside the system. once i do, you use a botnetto brute force your way in and download everything you can. wrench: but once youstart downloading, they'll know your inside. marcus: it wouldn't be aparty if they didn't, and i've got a surprise for them.

man: where are we on wipingthe congressman's cloud? woman: that's done, butthere's a team of invites scrubbing the backups, too. man: they're good at this? woman: the best computerforensics team we have. you pay top dollar,you get top talent. man: that's what i want to hear. dominic (voiceover): wehave to spy on a phone call, take pictures of the coverup, and profile our enemies.

marcus: wrench, you readywith my exit strategy? wrench: uh, define "ready." [gears moving] yo, sitara, i'm ready to go in. play me something fresh. dominic (voiceover):the penthouse is approachable from any sideand the player has the means to determine hisown plan in order to download the proof he needs.

this mission can actually becompleted without ever setting foot within thepenthouse proper, but this time let's playas a ghost using hacking to infiltrate stealthily. sitara: there'ssomething over there. dominic (voiceover): wedistract the guard and then we quickly hack the doorlock to access the penthouse. here we throw a zapper, a toolwe can then modify on the fly through hacking.

guards: already done. this isn't our first rodeo. dominic (voiceover): we thenset our proximity trigger for a stunning effect and emita sound to attract the guards. [choking] again, we access theelectronic box for the doors, but this time to lockthem to cover our back. we choose to deploy a droneto protect our hacking ability in this well guarded room.

we distract the guard byquickly hacking into his phone. uh, who the hell? dominic (voiceover):we finally managed to reach the target computer. the drone is customizedto allow interaction with the computer to setup a wireless transmitter into the network. you're in. do your thing.

dominic (voiceover): whilewe are downloading evidence of the politician'scorruption, the guards are now searchingfor the intruder that accessed the system. let's track this guy down! dominic (voiceover):we use our custom made melee weapon,the thunderball, to knock out the guard. get back and cover!

[gunshots] you're only makingthings worse! you're in a line of fire! [sirens wailing] oh, god! dominic (voiceover): herewe use our 3d printed electroshock gunto stun this guard. take cover! dominic (voiceover):and quickly we

hack into the trophycar's computer to take down our opposition. wrench: you're gonna love this. [jackpot sound] dominic (voiceover): we tapinto the guard's communications systems to create a massivedistraction to cover our exit. [opera music] the exit strategy wrench setup for us is one of many ways the player could useto leave the penthouse.

yeah! yeah, baby! holy fuck, this is awesome. you can poop your pants laterlater, man, because we are just getting started. narrator: click here to watchthe entire world premiere video. subscribe to ouryoutube channel and be the first to see new trailersand behind the scenes action.

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